Rabies Cases Increasing in Ontario

Rabies Cases Increasing in Ontario A threat to our pet’s health that we thought was going away seems to be making a comeback: rabies! At one time there were a considerable number of rabies cases annually in Ontario. As a … Continue reading »


It’s early May and we’re already getting plenty of calls about ticks! What are ticks? Well, ticks are external parasites that hang out in the long grasses waiting for an animal (or you!) to walk by and hop onto. They … Continue reading »

Declawing your Cat

A quick internet search on feline de-clawing gives you quite a few strong opinions on this subject. You might be made to feel like a terrible cat owner just for even thinking about de-clawing your cat! You shouldn’t feel that … Continue reading »


Leptospirosis is a disease that is caused by a bacterium named Leptospira. This bacteria likes to grow in stagnant water in cool temperatures. It gains entry into animals either through being ingested or through skin wounds. It is thought to … Continue reading »