With Thanksgiving upon us, I think it’s nice to list things I am thankful for:

  1. Our patients. They make it fun to come to work every day, whether they are well and happy to see us, or sick and would rather be left alone.
  2. Our clients. We are blessed to have so many caring pet owners who love their animals and treat us like part of their extended family
  3. Julie and Jenessa. I’ve worked with caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and cheerful people before, just not usually people that were ALL of the above!
  4. Our local emergency clinic. They offer excellent service on evenings and weekends when we are closed. They also allow me to spend more time with my family!
  5. Referral centers and specialists. Years ago there was only the vet school in Guelph (OVC). They did a nice job, but now we have referral centers in Mississauga, Toronto and a second place in Guelph. Ophthalmology cases can be referred to Dr Whelan at the emergency clinic during regular hours. Travelling specialists like Dr Murphy can come to us for surgery or Dr Porzio for ultrasounds. OVC has expanded the services that they can provide, such as MRI’s and radiation/ chemotherapy. It’s really a wonderful time to practice veterinary medicine!
  6. Prescription diets. I can select from Hill’s, Royal Canin, IAMS and Purina, to choose diets that can help with so many conditions where medicine alone is not enough. Or, even better, prevent issues ahead of time, such as dental care or allergies.
  7. Pharmaceuticals. I have a healthy amount of cynicism regarding big business, but… I have to be thankful for all the excellent medicine that we have available in this day and age! Not just better drugs, but we have pills that are flavoured, and chewable. We have an injectable antibiotic that last two weeks! Medicine that can be applied topically and easily. A pill that starts killing fleas in 30 minutes and lasts for 30 days! The list goes on and on.
  8. Idexx labs. We send our blood samples to them mostly, but can also send urine or other bodily fluids to them and have a board certified pathologist examine them. We get results quickly and reliably. If I have questions, I can consult with their specialists in medicine, microbiology and oncology.
  9. Continuing education. I can take online courses or travel to conferences, special presentations or hands on courses to improve my skills and keep up to date on new information.
  10. Our patients again! After all, they are what we live for!!!