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Seasonal Allergies

In August and September we see a lot of dogs and a few cats with allergy symptoms. Whereas with people, the signs are a stuffy and runny nose, with dogs it is often skin issues. I tend to say that … Continue reading »

Benefits of Spaying or Neutering

How Your Kitchener Veterinary Clinic Can Help by Spaying or Neutering Your Pet Spaying and neutering is the surgical sterilization of an animal by a qualifiedKitchener veterinary clinic to ensure that they cannot reproduce.  Typically this is done between the age … Continue reading »

The Importance of Pet Vaccinations

How Vaccinations from Kitchener Veterinarians Keep Your Pet Healthy and Safe Most responsible pet owners understand that when they adopt a new puppy or kitten, there are a number of required vaccinations that will help protect against some common and … Continue reading »